Take your pets to these amazing shopping malls


Looking for pet-friendly places in Shanghai that offer shopping and entertainment? Here are some of the best shopping malls in Shanghai that welcome pets, and provide various services and facilities for them. Whether you want to take photos, buy products, or join activities, you'll find something suitable for you and your pets.

Taikoo Li Qiantan


Address: No 1-9 Lane 500, Dongyu Road, Pudong New Area

Pet-friendly services: shops, events, and the Huawei flagship store

Highlights: Super photogenic, high-end brands, block-style shopping center

Taikoo Li Qiantan is a must-visit place for pet owners who love taking pictures. The mall has a stunning design, creating a perfect backdrop for your photos. The mall is very pet-friendly, and you can bring your pets to most of the stores and events. One of the most popular places is the Huawei flagship store, where you can experience new technology and enjoy pet-friendly services.

BFC Bund Finance Center


Address: No 600 East Zhongshan Road No Two, Huangpu district

Pet-friendly services: Pet-only elevator, drinking stations, stores, restaurants

Highlights: Accompanying style, cozy and beautiful space, convenient and considerate services

BFC Bund Finance Center is a great place to shop with your pets. The mall has a beautiful space that makes you and your pets feel relaxed and happy. It also provides convenient and considerate services for pet owners, such as a pet-only elevator, drinking stations, and pet-friendly stores and restaurants. You can find more than 120 merchants that are pet-friendly, including some 90 stores and over 30 restaurants.

TX Huaihai


Address: No 523 Middle Huaihai Road, Huangpu district

Pet-friendly services: activities, community,  trendy brands

Highlights: Vibrant and diverse, art exhibitions, flash sales, community activities

TX Huaihai is a fun place to play with your pets if you are looking for something different and exciting. The mall is a curated retail space that showcases a vibrant and diverse youth trend culture. The mall also hosts various art exhibitions, flash sales, and community activities that you and your pets can join.

Suhe MixC World


Address: No 100 North Fujian Road, Jing'an district

Pet-friendly services: spaces, dedicated channels, pet stores, petting experiences, photo studios

Highlights: One-stop and comprehensive, large green space, sunken plaza, pet-related brands

Suhe MixC World is a one-stop spot to enjoy with your pets if you want to have everything in one place. The mall has a large green space and a sunken plaza that are ideal for pet walking and playing. The mall also has pet-friendly spaces, dedicated channels, and pet services that make pet walking and shopping very convenient. The mall also introduces many pet-related brands, such as pet stores, petting experiences, and pet photo studios that satisfy all the needs of animal lovers.

Longhua Hui


Address: No 2778 Longhua Road, Xuhui district

Pet-friendly services: Pet lifestyle brands, pet-raising concept, activities

Highlights: Open and lively, art exhibitions, open spaces, diverse food, designer brands, youth lifestyle

Longhua Hui is an open and lively place to explore with your pets if you are looking for something creative and energetic. The mall is a commercial space that integrates art exhibitions, open spaces, diverse food, coffee and tea, designer brands, youth lifestyle, pet lifestyle, and trendy sports. The mall also features a non-profit animal rescue organization that brings together pet lifestyle brands and conveys a friendly and sustainable pet-raising concept.

Bailian Xijiao Shopping Mall


Address: No 88 West Xianxia Road, Changning district

Pet-friendly services: Pet strollers, traction ropes, poop bags, pet-only elevator

Highlights: High-end and luxurious, one-stop high-end complex, trendy and scientific pet-raising

Bailian Xijiao Shopping Mall is a pet-friendly mall that allows cats and dogs with dog registration certificates required to enter. The mall also provides pet strollers, traction ropes, and poop bags for pet owners. The mall features a one-stop high-end complex for trendy and scientific pet-raising.

Ruihong Tiandi


Address: No 181 Ruihong Road, Hongkou district

Pet-friendly services: social space, activities, exclusive channels for pet lovers

Highlights: Pet social space, special activities

Ruihong Tiandi has a pet-friendly social space on the 4th floor where you and your pets can socialize with other pet owners and their pets. The mall also hosts various activities and provides exclusive channels for pet owners who walk or drive to the mall.


Source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce