6 places to see plum blossom in Shanghai


As plum blossoms bloom across Shanghai, check out some of the places where you can revel in their beauty and fragrance.


Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park


Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park has many beautiful plum blossoms. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

The Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park, home to the largest plum garden in East China, is a nationally recognized 4A-level tourist attraction. The 11th Shanghai Plum Blossom Festival kicked off on Feb 20 and the flower-viewing season will last until March 24.

The Plum Garden, located on the eastern side of the park, covers 2,000 mu (about 133.33 hectares). It showcases around 40,000 plum trees of 126 varieties, including rare ancient plum species, emphasizing plum and wax plum landscapes.

Address: No 1677 Suitanghe Road, Fengxian district

Dates: Feb 20 – March 24


Century Park


Century Park has plum blossoms opening on its many trees. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

The 2024 Plum Blossom Festival at Century Park is now open. Visitors can enjoy activities like flower arranging, a traditional New Year food market, and cultural exhibits. With interactive educational activities focusing on seasonal flowers, this festival promises a vibrant experience. Established in 2005, Century Park's Plum Garden spans 100,000 square meters and boasts over 30 varieties of plum blossoms across 3,000 trees.

Address: No 1001 Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area

Dates: Through March 10


Xinzhuang Park


A plum blossom tree in Xinzhuang Park. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

Xinzhuang Park, known for its plum blossoms, features over 40 varieties and 450 plum trees, notably the green sepal plum. The park's main attractions for plum blossom viewing are the gardens to the east and west.

With its natural landscape of hills and lakes, the Xinzhuang Plum Garden offers key sites like Shuying Lake, Plum Fairy Island, and Anxiang Pavilion. Visitors can enjoy water platforms, pavilions, teahouses, and pathways, making it an excellent destination for plum blossom viewing and leisure activities.

Address: Xinzhuang Park (No 421 Xinbang Road, Minhang district), Xinzhuang Plum Garden (No 688 Hongxin Road, Minhang district), Rongpu horticultural life garden (No 3045 Humin Road)

Dates: Through March 10


Shanghai Blooming Garden


Shanghai Blooming Garden has many blooming plum blossoms. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

The seventh "Flowers Blossom Over the Sea" plum blossom festival has begun. In the park's 200 mu area, 30,000 plum blossoms are in full germination, attracting many visitors to take photos.

Divided into three small gardens, the plum garden features over 60 varieties of plum trees, including palace pink, vermilion sand, green sepal, river plum, and beauty plum.

Address: No 6060 Xiujing, Xiujing village, Zhujing town, Jinshan district

Dates: Through March 10


Chenshan Botanical Garden

640 (1).png

Chenshan Botanical Garden is rife with plum blossoms. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

At Chenshan Botanical Garden, the main area for plum blossom viewing is primarily concentrated on the west side of Gate No 1. After passing through the Crabapple Garden, visitors will encounter three plum blossom landscapes: Plum Garden, Plum Blossom Slope, and Lakeside Plum Blossom Garden, all blending seamlessly with each other.

Address: No 3888 Chenhua Highway, Songjiang district

Dates: Through March 1


Guyi Garden


A dragon flying in a plum blossom bonsai. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaitourism]

In Guyi Garden, a miniature plum blossom bonsai exhibition is being held in the Bonsai Garden and Plum Blossom Hall, offering tourists a fragrant floral feast. Approximately 100 naturally-styled plum blossom bonsais are showcased, featuring various styles such as flying dragons, slanting trunk, straight trunk, and reclining trunk.

Address: No 218 Huyi Highway, Nanxiang town, Jiading district

Dates: Through Feb 25


Source: "shanghaitourism" WeChat account