Can I transfer money to my home country? Is there a cap?

Yes, and there is a cap.

You may transfer a maximum of $500 per day with just your passport and valid visa.

To transfer more than $500 at one time, you will need to provide the following documents and information to the Chinese bank you are transferring money from:

  • Original work contract, plus one copy
  • A stamped income certificate provided by the employer's HR or finance department
  • A stamped Individual Income Tax statement provided by the local tax bureau
  • A copy of the passport ID page and visa page
  • The name and headquarters address of the foreign bank you are transferring money to
  • The foreign bank's SWIFT code or bank code for foreign wire transfers and the bank's routing number
  • Your personal foreign bank account number


You may transfer up to the amount of your income as long as the documents prove you earned the amount through your employment.