How do I apply for the duty exemption for imported equipment in encouraged foreign investment projects?

For encouraged foreign investment projects within the scope of the Catalogue of Industries for Encouraged Foreign Investment, the imports of self-use equipment within the total investment amount are eligible for exemption from import duties as a preferential policy.

Project units can submit an application to the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission via the platform “Government Online-Offline Shanghai” ( if their encouraged foreign investment projects meet the criteria.

For projects with a total investment of less than $300 million, the confirmation document will be issued by the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission. For projects with a total investment of $300 million and above, the National Development and Reform Commission will handle the procedures according to relevant regulations. After obtaining the project confirmation document issued by the national or municipal development and reform commission, as well as other relevant documents, project units can go to Customs where the projects are located for tax exemption.