What special services has Shanghai offered for promoting the implementation of major foreign-invested projects?


In July 2021, Shanghai established a municipal-level task force for major foreign investment projects, consisting of 11 municipal departments including the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, as well as the governments in districts or regions where the projects are located. A series of projects (under negotiation, amid contract signing or already under construction) in advanced manufacturing and modern service industries with large investment and strong demonstrative effects were added to the list of Shanghai's major foreign investment projects. This task force is responsible for coordinating and managing matters related to the projects’ construction, including access, planning, land use, environmental protection, energy use, construction, finance and taxation, foreign exchange, import and export, and others.

To further facilitate enterprises and improve service efficiency, an online service system for major foreign investment projects in Shanghai (https://tzxm.fgw.sh.gov.cn) was launched on the online platform "Government Online-Offline Shanghai"(“一网通办”) in 2022. Enterprises can fill out online forms to report concerns and seek coordination. This enables relevant departments at the city and district levels to promptly understand the demands of enterprises and work together to resolve relevant matters.

The list of Shanghai's major foreign investment projects will be updated quarterly. New entries are selected from recommendations by various government agencies at the municipal and district levels.


Source: fgw.sh.gov.cn