Our company imports items like shock absorbers, optical lenses, and wafer libraries. These items are packed with vacuum aluminum foil inside wooden packaging to meet cleanliness standards for lithography machine manufacturing. Given the risk of contamination if the vacuum packaging is compromised outside a clean room, we are keen on implementing a controlled inspection mode for these high-tech goods. Could you please outline the conditions for applying this inspection mode?


To qualify for this mode, both the company and the goods must meet specific criteria. The company should be engaged in high-tech production or processing, or be an exclusive importer affiliated with such enterprises, with a non-dishonest credit rating. Research institutions and universities engaged in new and high-tech research can also apply to Customs as needed. Eligible goods encompass high-tech items like those with vacuum, light-proof, dust-proof packaging, and those requiring constant-temperature storage—unsuitable for ordinary unpacking inspections. The import destination should align with the company's registered location within the same Customs district. Upon Customs risk assessment approval, the company can then implement this mode.