Where can I find vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai?


Whether you're a dedicated vegetarian, a health-conscious eater, or simply someone looking to explore new culinary horizons, Shanghai's vegetarian dining scene has something to offer for everyone. Here are some recommended vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai. 


Fu He Hui


[Photo/Dazhong Dianping]

As a landmark vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai, Fu He Hui consistently makes appearances on various gourmet lists. It has received several accolades such as the food app Dazhong Dianping's Black Pearl Restaurant Guide three-diamond award. Additionally, it has been awarded a prestigious Michelin star for two consecutive years.

In the "2018 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" list by the authoritative British gastronomy magazine "Restaurant", Fu He Hui was ranked 30th. It is truly a top-tier representative of vegetarian dining in Shanghai.

Address: No 1037 Yuyuan Road (near Jiangsu Road)


Zao Zi Shu (Jujube Tree)


[Photo/Dazhong Dianping]

Zao Zi Shu is one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai, with its first branch opening on Huaihai Road in 2001. The restaurant's founder, Song Yuanbo, is a well-known figure in the Shanghai vegetarian community and is also the founder of the high-end vegetarian brand Da Shu Wu Jie. The name "Zao Zi Shu" is a play on words, derived from the phrase "zao chi su" (eat vegetarian early).

The restaurant emphasizes "smoke-free, alcohol-free, egg-free, and meat-free" dishes, with most ingredients sourced from organic or green agricultural products of excellent quality. Unlike Da Shu Wu Jie, which changes its menu every quarter, Zao Zi Shu's dishes are relatively fixed, with many classic dishes that have been preserved for years, including authentic vegetarian recipes and popular meat dish imitations.

Address: 1st Floor, Shanghai Palace, No 77 Songshan Road (near Huaihai Middle Road)


Godly (Gong De Lin) Vegetarian 


[Photo/Dazhong Dianping]

Godly can be considered a pioneer of vegetarian dining in China. Founded in 1922 by Zhao Yunshao, a disciple of Wei Jun, a monk from the Changji Monastery in Hangzhou, the name "Gong De Lin" is derived from Buddhist scriptures — accumulating virtues to form a forest, benefiting the world. Over nearly a century, Godly has hosted countless historical figures and dignitaries, with the current Nanjing West Road branch serving as its national headquarters.

Address: No 441-445 Nanjing West Road


Wu Guan Tang Vegetarian


[Photo/Dazhong Dianping]

Established in 2004, Wu Guan Tang has been committed to "no imitation meat and no frying or deep-frying methods". Most of the restaurant's dishes use fresh seasonal vegetables, bean products, and mushrooms as primary ingredients. Cooking methods include cold mixing, steaming, and boiling, with a minimal amount of dishes being grilled.

Wu Guan Tang has abandoned the typical imitation meat and high oil and salt routines of vegetarian restaurants. In addition to its oldest branch in Shanghai, the restaurant has also opened branches in Suzhou and London.

Address: No 349 Xinhua Road


Green Vege Cafe



Green Vege Cafe is one of the few Western-style vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai, specializing in dishes such as pasta, burgers, and US-style desserts.

The owner, Yoli, lived abroad for many years and is a self-taught chef. Using high-quality ingredients has always been a point of pride for Green Vege. The restaurant claims to use only unbleached US flour and ingredients such as pasta come from organically certified products in the European Union. To make the food healthier, the restaurant has abandoned refined sugar and butter, opting instead for alternatives such as dates, agave nectar, maple syrup, and organic extra virgin coconut oil. This not only avoids compromising on taste but also effectively reduces the sugar and fat content in the food.

Address: 3rd Floor, Zone 3, Grand Gateway 66, No 699 Zhongshan South 2nd Road


If Vegan


[Photo/Dazhong Dianping]

If Vegan is a popular vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai in recent years. The restaurant's ground floor is a flower shop, with green plants visible on the second and third floors, earning it the title of a "green and vegetarian paradise" from many gourmet media outlets.

The menu at If Vegan includes a variety of imitation meat dishes, such as chewy "meat", cumin beef, and black pepper beef, as well as authentic vegetarian dishes like Vietnamese spring rolls, lemon avocado tarts, and lotus root and lily bulb. With dozens of dining options, customer feedback suggests that while the restaurant's dishes are flavorful, some main dishes suffer from excessive oil and salt. In contrast, the cakes and desserts are particularly impressive.

Address: 3rd floor, No 408 Shanxi North Road (near Beijing West Road)


San Wei Shu Wu (Veggie House)



Most vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai are concentrated in the Jing'an and Xuhui districts, with few vegetarian options in the Pudong area. San Wei Shu Wu is one of the more popular vegetarian restaurants in the area. 

The restaurant's two founders are both vegetarian enthusiasts. One of them, Ms. Tang, a Chinese major graduate, chooses the name "san wei shu wu" as a word play – San Wei Shu Wu is the name of a famous old-style private school attended by China's late literary master Lu Xun, with shu wu (书屋) meaning a study, while shu (蔬) meaning "vegetable" - hoping to integrate literature with vegetarian cuisine. 

Today, the restaurant's walls are adorned with classic poetry and each table holds a book. Writing a book review and submitting it to the server while dining entitles customers to a 9 percent discount on their entire bill, showcasing the restaurant's unique scholarly atmosphere.

Address: 20 Nanquan Road, next to Nonggongshang Supermarket


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