What is a port visa?


China's port visa is similar to a "visa on arrival" offered by other countries. The term "port visa" refers to a method of visa application, rather than denoting a specific visa category such as "business" or "tourist". 

Foreigners holding ordinary passports with an urgent need to enter China but insufficient time to apply for a visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate may apply for a port visa for entry.It is advisable to submit application in advance to the port visa authorities.

The port visa allows a stay for up to 30 days and permits a single entry. 

Where to apply in Shanghai 

Airport Contact information 
Pudong International Airport shcrj3@163.com, +86-021-28951610
Hongqiao International Airport crjhqkaqz@163.com, +86-021-22351575

The port visa application window in Shanghai works 24/7.


Who can apply?

Foreign ordinary passport holders with an urgent need to travel to China for business cooperation, visits and exchanges, investment and entrepreneurship, visiting relatives, handling private affairs, or for humanitarian reasons such as attending funerals or visiting critically ill patients, and who are unable to secure a visa from a Chinese embassy or consulate abroad in a timely manner, are eligible to apply for a port visa to China.




What documents are required?

A foreigner intending to apply for a port visa must submit a valid passport or any other international travel document, along with supporting documents that substantiate the urgent reason for entry into China. 

A foreigner entering China for urgent business activities, for instance, should provide an invitation letter outlining the business purposes, details of the emergency, main itinerary arrangements, and relevant proof of the emergency. 


What types of visas can be extended, renewed, and re-issued to foreigners in China?

Foreigners visiting China for short-term non-diplomatic and non-official purposes such as business cooperation, visits and exchanges, investment and entrepreneurship, visiting relatives, tourism, or private matters, and who have valid reasons for extending their stay are eligible to apply for extensions, renewals, and re-issuance of their business visa (M), visit visa (F), short-term private affair visa (S2), and short-term family visit visa (Q2), as well as for the extension and re-issuance of the tourist visa (L) at the nearest exit-entry administration of the public security organ in the area where they are residing. 


How to apply for group tour port visas?

Foreign tour groups comprising two or more individuals applying for group tour port visas are required to have the Chinese travel agency responsible for organizing and receiving such groups submit invitation letters, personnel lists, and tourist reception plans to the relevant port visa authorities in advance. Upon meeting these requirements, the tour groups can enter and exit from all open ports in China. 


Source: National Immigration Administration