FAQs about labor rights


If I am refused a position because of my age, gender, or sexual orientation – what should I do?

According to China's Labor Law, workers, regardless of their ethnic group, race, sex, or religious belief, should not be discriminated against in employment.

If you are refused a position because of your ethnic group, race, sex, or religious belief, you can call 021-12333, the hotline service of the human resources and social security bureau of Shanghai or file a lawsuit with the court.


What is China's retirement age and can I get a work visa if I am past it? 

In China, generally the retirement age is 60 years old for men, 55 for female office workers and 50 for female blue-collar workers.

Foreigners working in China are classified into three categories based on their qualifications and skills: Category A, B, or C.

For those who fall under Category B (Foreign Professional Talents), the retirement age is 60 – however, the age limit can be loosened for those that meet special requirements or conditions. There is no age limit for Category A employees (Foreign High-level Talents).


What is the minimum wage of working in Shanghai?

Foreign employees must be paid at least the minimum wage rate set by local authorities.

Shanghai adjusted its minimum wage standards starting from July 1, 2023. The monthly minimum wage is 2,690 yuan ($376), and the hourly minimum wage is 24 yuan.


Sources: Labor Law of the People's Republic of China, Guide to Issues Regarding Foreigner's Work in Shanghai