Shanghai hosts first virtual taekwondo tournament| May 21, 2024

East China

Two athletes battle it out in the virtual taekwondo tournament. [Photo/]

East China's Shanghai hosted its inaugural virtual taekwondo tournament at the Xujing Beicheng Urban Sports Center in the Qingpu district on May 19.

The event, which was integrated into the Shanghai Taekwondo Association Cup, has become a highlight of the ongoing fourth edition of the Shanghai Citizen Games.

In recent years, the world of virtual sports has seen a rapid surge in popularity. As a trailblazing addition to the Olympic e-sports program, virtual taekwondo is regarded as standing out as the first competitive adversarial sport to achieve Virtual Reality, or VR productization – marking a significant leap forward in the fusion of technology and athleticism.

The innovative project not only replicates traditional Taekwondo techniques but is also said to introduce a fresh and immersive sports experience.

With cutting-edge VR technology, athletes can engage in simulated matches without physical contact, reducing the risk of injuries while offering an experience unlike any other.

Devotees claim the marriage of VR and taekwondo not only broadens the expressive possibilities of the sport, but also represents a significant step toward the digital transformation of future sporting events.

By embracing virtual competitions, the organizers aim to drive innovative development within the realm of taekwondo, align with the trajectory of technological advancements and elevate the overall participation experience for athletes.

According to the event organizer, the champion of the virtual taekwondo tournament will earn a coveted opportunity to represent Shanghai at the international virtual taekwondo championship in Singapore.