Becoming a volunteer in Shanghai

Participating in social volunteering can be a transformative experience that changes the way you see yourself and the world around you. Becoming a volunteer can include donating blood or giving a helping hand to the Red Cross Society, as well as many other options.


How to register online 

Open the "Shanghai Volunteer" website and click on "Volunteer Registration" in the upper left corner.


(1) Enter a username and choose a password:


(2) Enter your e-mail:

This email will be used to retrieve your password if you forget it.

(3) Basic personal information:

Fill in your personal information - country/region, real name, ID type, ID number, gender, date of birth and mobile phone number.


(4) Choose service area and category:

Fill in the volunteer service area and category.


(5) Apply to become a real-name registered volunteer:

Click the "Apply to become a real-name registered volunteer" green button to complete the registration.


Real-name authentication

After the volunteer completes the registration and passes real-name authentication, he/she will receive a unified national volunteer number - the system automatically assigns the number based on the registration location's administrative division.

For newly registered volunteers, the system will automatically conduct real-name authentication within 1-2 working days.

Gray name: Awaiting authentication.

Green name: Certified.

Red name: Authentication not approved

Orange name: No Certification results found.


Get a volunteer card

After passing real-name authentication, log in to your account. Enter the "personal center", click "volunteer card", upload your ID photos, and generate your identity certificate. Volunteers can print or download the volunteer ID to their mobile phones for presentation and use.


Join a suitable team

Volunteers can find groups gathering like-minded people in the "Volunteer Service Organization" column. With a mutual passion for volunteer work, they often form a big family.



Find the latest volunteer service needs

On the Shanghai Volunteer website, there are many new projects released every day. Volunteers can choose the projects they are interested in and are suitable for them in the "Volunteer Service Projects" column to sign up. 

For example, older volunteers may find it difficult to run long distances to participate in certain services. You can choose projects in your district or sub-district to see if there is a more suitable project. Each project will have a specific contact person and contact information. If there are any questions about the project, you can contact this person.



Accident insurance

Volunteers who pass real-name authentication will automatically receive voluntary service accident insurance of 200,000 yuan ($28,200). 

Volunteers who suffer accidental injuries due to voluntary service activities while participating in such activities (including the journey to and from activities) can submit insurance claims through the volunteer activity organizer.


You can also register through the WeChat mini program "Shanghai Volunteer"


(1). Open the Shanghai Volunteer WeChat mini program and search for "Shanghai Volunteer" to access the registration page.

(2). Click "Personal Registration" on the homepage to enter the volunteer personal registration page.

(3). After submitting the application, real-name authentication usually takes 1-2 working days. Real-name authentication is automatically done by the system. Please be patient.


How to donate blood

To donate blood, click the map for blood donation sites.



Sources: Shanghai Volunteer, Shanghai Blood Center