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Founded in 1952, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) is the first chemical industry-oriented university in China and has been hailed as the "cradle of chemical engineers".

The university has been listed on China's Project 211 universities in 1996, Project 985 universities' Key Discipline Innovation Platform in 2008, and the country's Double First-Class Initiative in 2017, with its chemistry, materials science and engineering, and chemical engineering and technology programmes included on the list of first-class disciplines.

ECUST has been committed to developing itself into a first-class university, fostering first-class talents, building a first-class teaching team, producing first-class innovative results, and cultivating a first-class campus culture, said Xuan Fuzhen, president of ECUST, at the university's 70th anniversary ceremony on Oct 29, 2022.



It has two campuses in Shanghai in Xuhui district and in Fengxian district, respectively.

With the values of "Diligence, Factuality, Aspiration and Virtue", ECUST is dedicated to providing its students with advanced knowledge and skills in an academic environment full of intellectual stimulation and scientific innovation.

The research-intensive university has 17 academic schools and offers a wide range of programmes covering 12 disciplines, including science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, economics, management, literature, law, art, philosophy and education.

Currently, the university has over 16,000 full-time undergraduate students and over 15,000 master's and doctoral students. There are nearly 3,000 faculty and staff members, including 11 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Today, ECUST has established long-term relationships and wide-ranging academic exchanges with over 170 overseas universities and scientific research institutions.

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