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Founded on Oct 23, 1922, Shanghai University (SHU) was the first college led by the Communist Party of China in the country and has been an important part of China's revolution and education since its establishment.

The university is now among China's Project 211 universities, a project that aims to raise education standards in about 100 colleges and universities in the 21st century, as well as one of the country's Double First-Class universities, an initiative to promote the development of the first-class universities and first-class disciplines.

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Shanghai University now offers 12 academic disciplines. Ten of its subjects are listed in the top 1 percent of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), which is an international database for emerging science trends. They include Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Environmental Ecology, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biology and Biochemistry, Sociology, and Clinical Medicine.

There are 2,590 international students from 160 countries and regions studying at the university. The Ministry of Education has also classified Shanghai University as a demonstration base for international student education.

It has 3,508 full-time teachers, including 808 professors and 1,113 associate professors.


A view of Shanghai University's campus. [Photo/Official website of Shanghai University]

The university's campuses include Baoshan Campus, Yanchang Campus, and Jiading Campus, and its library has a collection of around 4.38 million books.

The university has signed interschool cooperation agreements with 254 educational institutions in 55 countries and regions and has established four Sino-foreign schools and five Confucius Institutes with overseas partners.


Shanghai University commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the school on Oct 23, 2022. [Photo provided to]


Students study at the Shanghai University library. [Photo/Official website of Shanghai University]


The Shanghai International Students Service Centre at Shanghai University. [Photo/Official website of Shanghai University]

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