Paid leave

The following are relevant regulations regarding paid annual leave, maternity leave and compassionate leave.


Paid annual leave

Employees who have worked continuously for more than 1 year are entitled to paid annual leave. Employees who have worked for a cumulative period of more than 1 year but less than 10 years are entitled to 5 days of annual leave.

Those who have worked for more than 10 years but less than 20 years are entitled to 10 days of annual leave.

And those who have worked for more than 20 years are entitled to 15 days of annual leave. National statutory holidays and rest days are not included in the annual leave entitlement.


Maternity leave

Female employees are entitled to 158 days of maternity leave, of which 15 days can be taken before childbirth.

In case of difficult childbirth, an additional 15 days of maternity leave are granted. In the event of giving birth to multiple babies, for each additional baby born, an extra 15 days of maternity leave are added.


Marriage leave and bereavement leave

When an employee gets married or when the immediate family members (parents, spouse, and children) of the employee pass away, the unit may, depending on the specific situation, grant 1 to 3 days of compassionate leave at its discretion.

Additionally, travel leave may be granted based on the distance of the journey.