Chinese Bridge summer camp for American youth concludes at Shanghai International Studies University| July 10, 2024

Participants of the Chinese Bridge summer camp for American youth recently celebrated the conclusion of their enriching program with a closing ceremony at Shanghai International Studies University's School of Chinese Studies and Exchange. The camp featured a series of engaging and educational activities, providing the participants with a deep dive into Chinese culture, science, and technology. Here are some highlights from the camp:

June 23

Doctor Zuo Wenwen, an astrophysicist from the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, captivated students with a lecture on basic astronomy, cutting-edge research such as black hole imaging, and astronomy education. Following the lecture, top participants from the Shanghai Youth Science and Innovation Challenge engaged in technological exchanges with the American students. The groups also interacted on topics including language learning, campus life, Sino-American culture, and personal interests.


A group photo of Doctor Zuo Wenwen and the students. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

June 25

The students visited the Shanghai Astronomy Museum in Lin-gang Special Area, where they explored the cosmos through hands-on experiences and gained insights into the history of China's space development.


Students at the Shanghai Astronomy Museum. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

June 26

In Baoshan district, the students explored the International Folk Art Museum, where they admired and learned about Chinese folk customs and culinary culture. Under the guidance of an intangible cultural heritage inheritor, they also crafted their own Chinese knot-style bracelets.


Students learn how to make Chinese knot-style bracelets. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

June 27

The students traveled to Suzhou in Jiangsu province to experience the beauty of its classical gardens. At Suzhou Haitong Robotic System Co LTD (HITO), they toured an exhibit hall, which showcased high-tech humanoid robots, and learned about the application of these robots in real-life scenarios, gaining an enhanced understanding of China's cutting-edge technology.


Students capture a moment at a Suzhou garden. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]


Source: "Study_in_SISU" WeChat account