How to file individual income tax return

The Individual Income Tax return in China involves reporting one's taxable income and settling the corresponding tax owed to the government. Upon completion of the process, taxpayers may qualify for a tax refund, owe additional tax, or neither. 

You can file Individual Income Tax return through your employer or a third-party agency. In this guide, we will show you how to file tax return on the "个人所得税" app. 


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First, search for “个人所得税” (Individual Income Tax) in your app store. 



Once the app is installed, fill in the registration information to create an account. 


Click “注册” (registration) and then “大厅注册码注册” (Code registration)

Note: You are required to personally obtain the login code at the tax bureau counter. Please remember to bring your passport.




You will be prompted to complete your personal information, including your ID type, passport number, name, and nationality. 


Click the button to proceed to the next step. Choose a password, input your phone number, and choose your address. 

Once you have completed the registration process, you can log in with a gesture password.


Then you need to bind a bank card.