List of international communities in Shanghai

Shanghai is the city with the largest number of expats and largest number of regional headquarters of international companies in China. Here are some international communities with a large amount of expats living there.

Huacao International Community 

Huacao International Community Center is located in Huacao Town in Minhang district, where has 13 international communities with more than 9,000 expats from nearly 80 countries.

The community offers consultations, foreign-related services, leisure and education.

Biyun International Community

Situated in the western part of Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, the community spans an area of 4 square kilometers. The Biyun International Community accommodates more than 20,000 expats from different countries, winning the honor of "mini united nations".

Schools in the community include the EU-funded China Europe International Business School, Shanghai Dulwich International School, Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School and Concord International School.


It boasts advanced medical services at the Pudong Maternal and Children Health Hospital and Huashan Hospital (Pudong Division). 

Gubei International Community 

The Gubei International Community in Changning district is one of Shanghai's largest and earliest international communities. Gubei was especially attractive to expats because it's only a 10-minute drive to Hongqiao airport. By the mid-1990s, it was one of China's first international communities.

The 2-square-kilometer area is home to 32,000 residents, about a third of them from overseas. Japanese and South Koreans are the two most prominent nationalities.

Lianyang-Huamu International Community

The Lianyang-Huamu International Community is located in Pudong, close to Minsheng Road in the west, Jinxiu Road in the south and Luoshan Road in the east.


As one of the earliest international residential communities in Pudong, the area boasts convenient transportation, including access to Metro lines 9 and 2, and buses No 815, 987, 181, 184, 984, 995, 640, 983, 59, Huamu No 1 and Pudong No 35.

Zhangjiang Science City

Zhangjiang Science City has attracted more than 22,000 enterprises, including over 1,600 high-tech enterprises, and is now home to 170 foreign-funded research and development centers.

It has also lured more than 400,000 sci-tech professionals, including Nobel Prize winners, overseas academics, academics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as leading figures in different industries. 


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