Enjoy summer nights out on terraces


Enjoy the picturesque view of the Huangpu River, and relish in summer nights out on terraces. Let's go above the hustle and bustle of the streets and get closer to the starry sky on these recommended terraces. 



Location: 7th floor, No 18 of East Zhongshan Road Number One

KEV offers a panoramic view of the skyline of Pudong. Its open space captures the entire night view of the Bund, and allows visitors the chance to fall in love with Shanghai from a unique perspective.


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]



Location: 21st Floor of Shanghai Wanda Reign Hotel, No 538 East Zhongshan Road Number Two 

RuiKu blends classical elegance with modernity. This 270°panoramic terrace overlooks the Huangpu river and Pudong skyline. While enjoying a drink with friends, you can take in the dazzling lights on both sides of the river.


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]



Peace Hotel, The Cathay Room

Location: 9th Floor of Peace Hotel, No 20 East Nanjing Road

With breathtaking scenery of the Huangpu River, the Cathay Room on the 9th floor of the Peace Hotel offers a glimpse into the golden age of the early 20th century.

Every detail reflects the elegance and grandeur of old Shanghai, creating a truly immersive experience.

As a private and romantic terrace boasting stunning 270°panoramic views, the Cathay Room is perfect for a night out. 


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]



Location: 4th Floor, No 6 East Zhongshan Road Number One

With its diverse architectural styles, CASANOWA offers stunning views of the Oriental Pearl Tower. Sitting on this terrace, visitors can savor Italian delicacies while enjoying the urban vistas.

Don't forget to take some photos while you're there! This terrace is a popular location for shutterbugs because of its exceptional photogenic qualities.


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]


[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]


The Upper Room

Location: Top Floor of Shamei Building, No 190 East Beijing Road 

With its classic architectural style, The Upper Room offers stunning views of the skyscrapers across the Huangpu River, capturing both the bustling atmosphere and the elegance of the city. This terrace is a perfect place for visitors to enjoy a cocktail and soak in the cosmopolitan charm of Shanghai.

the upper room1.jpg

[Photo/Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce]