Yuyuan Bazaar



Colourful lights dazzle the night in Yuyuan Garden. [Photo provided to International Services Shanghai]

As a cultural attraction in Shanghai, Yuyuan Garden is home to Yuyuan Bazaar, a shopping center that showcases the city's traditional culture and modern lifestyle. The mall attracts both tourists and residents with its wide range of products and services, from local delicacies and traditional snacks to artistic goods and handicrafts. The mall's architecture combines Chinese and Western features, creating a unique visual impression. Yuyuan Bazaar is a place where shoppers can immerse themselves in Shanghai's history and culture.


Yuyuan Garden offers exciting nighttime activities for tourists. [Photo provided to International Services Shanghai]


Address: No 265 Middle Fangbang Road (Yuyuan sub-district), Huangpu district


Open: 24/7


Source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce