A practical guide to Olympic Qualifier Series

english.shanghai.gov.cn| May 15, 2024


All preliminary preparations for the Olympic Qualifier Series (OQS) in Shanghai scheduled from May 16 to 19 at the Huangpu Riverside are complete.

Transforming the riverside venue into an urban park spanning 110,000 square meters, with 6,000 square meters dedicated solely to competition areas, the event will host the best athletes from four disciplines - BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding, and sports climbing-  as they vie for spots in the Paris Olympics.

The design of each venue has been coordinated with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), forming a bold color palette dominated by Olympic hues and white, adorned with youthful graphics.

Skateboarding, divided into street and park categories, showcases a dynamic and urban vibe with graffiti and colorful murals integrated into the course design while the BMX Freestyle arena, designed by French Pascal Morrasse-Raymond, aims to establish a world-class field in Shanghai.

The breaking area, with its distinctive red and blue entry portals, adds a special touch to the competitors' entrances. Sport climbing, with its speed and bouldering events, is likely to draw huge audiences thanks to Shanghai's continuous efforts to promote it domestically.

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