SIFF screening schedule unveiled| June 07, 2024

The 26th Shanghai International Film Festival, or SIFF, will take place from June 14 to 23, when 450 films will have about 1,600 projections in 47 cinemas around Shanghai, and six cinemas in other Yangtze River Delta cities such as Nanjing and Suzhou of Jiangsu.

The screening schedule has been made available online, allowing enthusiasts to plan their movie selections in advance. Ticket sales for the festival commenced at 12 pm on June 7. Here are some FAQs to guide you through the ticketing process.

Ticket Purchase Q&A

1. When do tickets for the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival go on sale?

Online ticket sales for screenings in Shanghai start at 12 pm on June 7

Online ticket sales for screenings in the Yangtze River Delta region start at 12 pm on June 8

Keep up-to-date with ticket sales announcements, additional screenings, and any film, cinema, or schedule changes by following the official website of the Shanghai International Film Festival (, or learn about related information on Alibaba's ticketing service platform, Taopiaopiao.

2. Where can I buy tickets?

Taopiaopiao is the official and exclusive ticketing platform for the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival. It is recommended that people download and use the Taopiaopiao App to purchase tickets and to stay informed about the festival.

For users outside Shanghai, please set your location to Shanghai on the Taopiaopiao homepage to access the Shanghai International Film Festival section.

Movie enthusiasts in the cities of Nanjing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Hefei can find local screening sessions and ticket purchase options on their respective city's Taopiaopiao homepage.

The platforms on which people can purchase tickets for the Shanghai International Film Festival:

[Taopiaopiao App] (recommended)

[Alipay] - Taopiaopiao Mini Program

[Mobile Taobao] - Taopiaopiao Mini Program

3. Where can I find information about the film screenings?

You can find information about the film screenings on the Taopiaopiao App. Go to the Shanghai International Film Festival page, and click on the "Film Exhibition Unit" section. You can also visit the official website of the Shanghai International Film Festival Committee ( to view film and screening information.

4. How can I quickly purchase tickets?

(Only supported on the Taopiaopiao App)

(1) Before ticket sales begin, you can browse the screening list, select the desired film and cinema, and click on the "+" icon on the right to add the film to "My Schedule" in advance.

(2) After ticket sales start, you can purchase tickets from the screening list or directly from your added schedule.

5. How do I collect my tickets?

After purchasing tickets, you can go to the cinema where the screening is taking place, and follow the cinema's instructions to collect your tickets from the Taopiaopiao ticket machine. Note, ticket collection is not available across different cinemas. Once at the Taopiaopiao ticket machine, open the app, go to "My Movie Tickets" and scan the ticket collection QR code or manually enter the ticket code into the ticket machine.

Friendly reminder:

To avoid overcrowding and ensure you enter on time, it is recommended that people arrive at the cinema one hour before the screening to collect their tickets.

6. Can I enter the cinema with an electronic ticket?

For this festival, all screenings require a valid physical ticket for entry.

7. Are there any restrictions on ticket purchases for this festival?

For this festival, snacks and drinks cannot be purchased in the same transaction as their ticket order. Each user can purchase a maximum of four to six tickets per film session. Vouchers, coupons, membership cards, and other promotional offers cannot be used for ticket purchases at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

Note: Accounts, identification numbers, phone numbers, IP addresses, mobile devices, payment accounts, and other factors that are reasonably considered to belong to the same user will be treated as a single user.

8. Can I refund or exchange tickets if I have other arrangements?

Due to the special nature of the festival screenings, all tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

9. How can I request an invoice?

The ticket invoicing process for film festival tickets is the same as requesting a regular invoice. You will need to contact the cinema where you purchased the tickets to arrange for an invoice.

10. Are there tickets available for children?

Each person attending the Shanghai International Film Festival must have their own ticket, and seating is assigned. There are no special tickets available.

11. What else should I be aware of?

The Shanghai International Film Festival gathers film enthusiasts to enjoy the magic of movies. We encourage people to behave in good manner in order to create an enjoyable viewing experience, so please refrain from taking photos or recording during the screenings. Please ensure your phone is on silent or flight mode to avoid disturbing others.

Special Notes:

1. Online reservation channels for the SIFF XR section tickets open on at 12 pm on June 7. (Scan to reserve tickets)


2. Please note that the specific screening schedule for this festival is based on the information posted on the official website of the Shanghai International Film Festival on the day of ticket sales.

*The ticket purchase schedule and cinemas provided are for reference only.

3. One hour after online ticket sales channels open, participating cinemas start offer offline ticket sales.


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